About Us

Adorn Homes by Valerie is a Home Decor brand of luxury items that was created from a vision of luxury and lifestyle in every home. I have always had a passion for interior decorating and event styling. Throughout the years I have decorated bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and more. I would say my absolute favorite is Home Decor. Your home is your personal sanctuary styled to fit your taste and lifestyle. My home has always been unique to everyone who has ever been a guest. I style my home by personalizing each room with inspiration and creativity. Most importantly, making sure my color pallets are complementing each other. Every color and piece should work together and have Balance. My style has inspired many people to update their home decor and create a more aesthetically pleasing space. With this being my passion , I decided to launch my own online home decor brand and enroll in QC design school, studying interior decorating and home staging. My brand will allow you to choose elegant pieces to Adorn every room in your home.