Artificial Tropical Banana Tree: Price: 2 for $140

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Perfect in your home, Balcony or pool area, just bend and separate for fullness and height.
Sturdy realistic appearance with detachable trunks and metal wires.

Pot Size: 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
Tree: 5ft Tall
Set Of Two

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Our gorgeous Artificial Tropical Banana Tree will turn any area into a lush tropical paradise. This lifelike replica, which stands an impressive 6 feet tall, effortlessly brings the beauty and vibrancy of nature indoors with no need for maintenance. The deft craftsmanship of each leaf radiates a realistic texture and rich green color that will undoubtedly improve any space and create a captivating focal point. The low-maintenance appeal of our Artificial Tropical Banana Tree allows you to enjoy its beauty and charm throughout the year. This gorgeous replica, with its realistic foliage and robust structure, offers countless decorating options. You can use it to add a touch of exotic flair to your home or to create a welcoming atmosphere in public areas like hotels, restaurants, or event venues.

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Dimensions 5 cm

3 reviews for Artificial Tropical Banana Tree: Price: 2 for $140

  1. valerie

    I recently purchased the Artificial Tropical Banana Tree and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and lifelike appearance of this product. The leaves are intricately detailed, and the overall height provides a striking presence in my living room. Assembly was straightforward, and the stable base ensures that it stands securely without any wobbling. It truly adds a touch of tropical ambiance to my space, and I appreciate how low-maintenance it is compared to real plants. Overall, I highly recommend this artificial banana tree for anyone looking to bring a bit of exotic greenery into their home.

  2. valerie

    Having received the Artificial Tropical Banana Tree as a gift, I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of aesthetics and durability. The craftsmanship is top-notch; from the realistic texture of the trunk to the vibrant coloration of the leaves, this artificial tree looks remarkably natural. Its size makes it an ideal focal point in any room without overwhelming smaller spaces.

  3. valerie

    When I first set up the tropical banana tree in my living room, I was apprehensive about purchasing an artificial plant, but I was pleasantly surprised by how lifelike it looks. The size is ideal for bringing some greenery into a room devoid of natural light or for filling in empty corners. It was easy to assemble, and it really improved the atmosphere in my house. It is a wonderful accent to my decor, and I think it is well worth the money.

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